Undergraduate Admission Advising

The college application process should be a personal one, so I make sure that you receive personal advising throughout it.  Depending upon where I meet you on your educational journey, the services provided will be tailored to your needs. My goal is to help you achieve desired results while reducing your anxiety along the way

I offer a comprehensive package that provides a suite of services that addresses all stages of the college application process. My phased approach includes:

Pre-Application Strategy:

The goal at this stage is to help you view the landscape from 30,000 feet, as they say.  Let’s maximize your potential by creating a plan to make you well-rounded, but “pointy” in the right ways.  There are many ways to show academic ability, transferable skills, professional potential and social commitment. You are more than your numbers, and I can help you showcase your individual talents. This phase includes:

  • In-depth student intake and analysis to determine student’s ability, interests, financial constraints and special concerns

  • Curriculum planning and course selection

  • Extra-curricular, volunteer and employment recommendations

  • Summer activity suggestions

  • Testing strategy and recommendations for preparation

The College Application Process:

The goals at this stage are twofold.  First, we’ll create a thoughtful list of schools based on your profile, needs, concerns and interests. Second, we’ll strive to produce the most polished application packages possible in order to maximize your chances of success. This phase includes:

  • Creation of comprehensive college list

  • Application assistance

  • Letter of recommendation advice

  • Essay topic development, drafting advice, and extensive editing

  • Résumé preparation

  • Interview preparation

  • Assistance with letters of continued interest for early admission/decision deferrals and waitlists

  • Assistance with final selection of school

  • Professional communication and college preparation tips

After consultation, we can determine together the best strategy for your application process. Some of my services may be available a la carte, and I’m happy to discuss those options with you.

“Victoria, thank you for believing in me and helping me so much. I could not have done this without you!”
— Cornell Student