why choose turner?

My approach is holistic, as I believe that the academic and professional journey is a process with designated signposts, rather than a final destination.  

In essence, this is a marathon and not a sprint, and establishing productive and trusting relationships with students and their families is a priority.  

While standardized test scores and transcripts constitute the quantitative measures of applications, students have a very valuable opportunity to tell their own stories in the qualitative portions of applications.  Here, students can frame the narrative and show schools their particular “value-added”.  Essays, resumes, and interviews can - and often do - make the difference!  I enjoy helping students showcase their potential by highlighting transferable skills they didn’t even know they had. I take pride in my ability to help students write their most compelling and authentic essays.  The thousands of hours I have spent with applicants on their essays are among the most rewarding of my career.

While students might think the “finish line” is college admission, they’ll soon learn that it’s only the beginning.  My goal isn’t just to help students gain admission to the schools of their choice, it’s for them to thrive at those schools.  For these reasons, I help them develop skills to assure success on that next leg of their journey.  

Having worked in the industry for years, and being a parent myself, I'm also familiar with the anxiety that plagues applicants (and their families) during this process. I concentrate on ways to help minimize that anxiety in order to maximize performance. I believe that the most satisfied students exercise agency over the process and their futures. The results matter, but the nature of this advising relationship does too, as energized students tend to get the best results.

You’ve heard of the horse whisperer? Well, Victoria is the essay whisperer!
— Parent of undergraduate applicant