Law School Admission Advising

In my capacity as the Senior Manager of Pre-Law and Professional Development Programs at Georgetown University, I worked with hundreds of applicants as they’ve navigated the stressful waters of the law school application process.  While it is “a given” that most of our students will go to college, this is not the case with law school.  For this reason, discernment is critical to the decision of whether to attend law school.  As a former practicing attorney and legal career counselor, I know that the practice of law, while immensely rewarding, is not for everyone.  

My approach is segmented into three areas: whether, when, and how to apply to law school.  I will meet you where you are on that journey and tailor my services to your particular needs.  


  • Advice on ways to decide if law school is right for you

  • Recommendations of ways to maximize potential and marketability, including:

  • Course selection

  • Extra-curricular, internship, employment, and volunteer selections


  • Creation of an application timeline

  • Discussion of the advisability of taking a gap year or years

  • Assistance with employment options during gap year(s)

  • LSAT preparation strategy and timeline

  • Opening of your CAS account and recommendations on banking letters of recommendation


  • Analysis of competitiveness, financial concerns and legal practice interests

  • Creation of school lists

  • Personal statement, diversity and optional essay assistance

  • Explanatory addenda assistance

  • Character and fitness assistance

  • Letter of recommendation assistance

  • Interview preparation

  • Waitlist (LOCI) assistance

  • Merit aid negotiation

  • Final selection assistance (including deferral recommendations, LRAP research and analysis of employment data)

Law school is an enormous investment – intellectually, emotionally and financially.  It’s crucial that you receive advice from someone who is truly an expert in this area.  I’m here to help!

I’m committing to Harvard! Thanks so much for all of your help Victoria, I wouldn’t have written the essay I did without your encouragement.
— Harvard Law School Student