Undergraduate and Law School Advising

Although I am located in the Washington, DC metro area and enjoy face-to-face contact, I've also worked with countless applicants around the country - and around the world. Technology allows us to work together via Skype, FaceTime and other modalities. Distance is no boundary to a flexible - and - personal advising experience.

undergraduate Admissions

As an Ivy League graduate and former alumni interviewer, I'm familiar with what the nation's most prestigious institutions are looking for in applicants.  As a veteran educational advisor and parent, I'm also familiar with how stressful this process can be. My approach aims to maximize success while minimizing stress.

Law School admissions

I've counseled hundreds of law school applicants.  I've also been to law school myself, practiced law, and have advised many attorneys and other pre-law advisors. I can help you maximize your admissions potential, while educating you on financial considerations and opportunities in the changing legal marketplace.

“Thank you for taking what is a stressful process and actually making it enjoyable!”
— Virginia Tech Student