"I just finished my first week. WOW, it was great! I'm so glad to be here, the material is so interesting. I'm feeling so validated and thankful to you for all you did to help me get here! I highly recommend Victoria for anyone who is working on figuring out what is the next educational step and how to get there."

Here is my testimonial video!

   - Isaac F.,  UC Berkeley School of Law


"Victoria was the best college advisor I could have dreamed of.  My son and daughter are very different.  Victoria was able to relate to each of my children as an individual and provide them with the guidance and inspiration they needed to stand out in their college applications.  I am happy to report they are each thriving in a school that is the right environment for them."

    - Sheryl G., Philadelphia


“At first I wasn’t sure if getting an admissions counselor was the right choice for me, but after the first session, I knew I had made the right choice going with Victoria. She not only has a discerning eye for detail, but also works tirelessly to ensure that you feel that every component of your application is the best that it can be; that it authentically represents who you are. She does a wonderful job highlighting the strongest or most unique parts of your application.

In particular, I have to credit Victoria’s suggestion of writing a diversity statement to be key to my successful cycle. At first I was reluctant because I felt that I didn’t have any particularly unique experience that one might ordinarily write about, but Victoria showed me that I could write about an interesting or unique personal experience that tied together well with the other parts of my application. I strongly feel that, in such a competitive cycle, the decision to submit a well thought-out diversity statement was a major factor, and I never would have known how or even what to write about if I hadn’t talked with Victoria and followed her suggestions.

 If you have any doubt or hesitations in hiring an admissions counselor to guide you through this process, I would strongly urge you to give Victoria a call so that you can also see how much a seasoned professional can help you in putting together the best possible application.”

    - Brandon H., Stanford University Law School

Victoria helped me with my college AND my graduate school applications. She is the best! Please take a look at my testimonial video below:


- Chloe L., University of Virginia (undergraduate); Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (graduate school)